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About Us

If it is a chip or crack on your auto glass, they must not be ignored. Simply visit us and get the best possible service. Whether your auto glass needs repairs, replacement or any other kind of attention, we are there for you.

It is the impeccable servicethat we provide our valued customers that makes us the best in business. Be it day or night, our team of experts is dedicated towards serving you in every way possible. Our team consists of highly skilled technicians who excel at their job. Our team has gathered years of hands on experience and is confident of undertaking any auto glass chores you assign them.

With us, you also need not worry about the pricing as we are the most cost effective repairs and replacement company in business. However, do not misunderstand our lower prices for poor quality, as we are extremely strict about quality control and would go anything to meet your requirement.

We not just give you a low price and great quality, but can also give you personalized attention and would take care of every point you have. Also, if there are certain points from our end we will draw your attention towards them to avoid surprising you in the end.

Apart from this we also have some great services that make us undoubtedly the best service in business.

Round the clock service: we know that a glass can be damaged anytime of the day, and so have our centres working round the clock.

Mobile Service: In an unforeseen event where getting your vehicle to our centres is not possible, we will send our service to you! You simply schedule a mobile service with us, and we will send an expert technician to where your car is.

Warranty: Our warranty services are second to none. It is our firm belief that relationships go beyond money transactions and are happy tohelp, repair or replace within the warranty period.

Perfect repairs: When it comes to repairs, our advanced technology help you get the most strong an accurate repairs.

Apart from that we also have a round the clock, customer support staff in case you have any queries or need any assistance. You can also email your queries to us.


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